18 CRAZY Facts About Your Bathroom

You poop I poop everybody poops and peace and that’s why we need public bathrooms if that’s what we’re talking about on this week’s Wednesday checkup I [Music] came across an article this week talking about how air dryers and bathrooms are actually a bad invention but in doing research on the subject I came across some crazy facts about toilets and public restrooms that I wanted to share with you so stick around for the rapid-fire section as I shoot facts at you about toilets and bathrooms there are two industries that are obsessed with cleanliness and transmission of viruses and bacteria food and healthcare.

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I’m part of that industry and I know how important it is to reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses so when a study came out discussing the best hand drying methods within a public bathroom it piqued my curiosity within this study they compared three different methods jet air drying hot air dry and paper towels here’s what they found using jet air dryers dispersed 190 times more virus than using a paper towel and 20 times more virus than a heated air dryer this is because jet air dryers use so much force in so much air to blow the water off of your hands that they’re also blowing around all the bacteria and viruses as well in an area like a hospital that’s problematic don’t people normally wash their hands and then dry them so they’re essentially drying clean hands nope in fact the people that are washing their hands are doing so incorrectly a huge majority of the time I want to share with you right here right now how to wash your hands the proper way the way doctors do it the way they do it on Grey’s Anatomy well they don’t do it well on Grey’s Anatomy but here’s the right way to do it from the CDC themselves get your hands wet underneath the faucet yeah yeah yeah it’s wet get some soap lather the backs of your hands the front of your hands underneath your fingernails do that for 20 seconds that’s about the time that it takes to sing happy birthday then rinse and if you’re gonna dry your hands use a paper towel not only will it dry your hands quicker but it’s also going to dislodge some of that bacteria because of friction time for the lightning round of toilet slash poop flush bathroom information that you definitely didn’t know about FAQ number one according to the UN there are 2.5 billion people who don’t have access to a toilet yes more people have access to a cell phone than they do a toilet considering that proper sanitation and hygiene it’s crucial to good health that’s crazy each flush uses approximately 1.6 gallons of water so think about that the next time you however we used to use about 3 and a half gallons so we’re proving there’s actually an International Museum of toilets found in India and guess what it has 4.2 stars on 3,000 reviews on Google check it out the UN named November 19th national toilet day to raise awareness about public health and sanitation it’s only a week past my birthday celebration there’s a fierce debate about toilet paper known as over/under are you the few 25% that hang behind or you with the majority that hang in front the United States even spent money commissioning research on this matter don’t ask me why the first stall in a line of toilets is usually the cleanest one nobody wants to be the first one out there if you ever peed at a urinal and saw a little bullseye or a little insect sitting there that’s designed to make you pee right at that spot to decrease overspray by up to 80% on average women use seven toilet paper squares per visit while men only use to weigh nearly twice as many people full toilet paper as they do crumpled it according to one study women are more likely to be influenced by a sign reminding them to wash their hands rather than men according to many studies toilet sheets are not that dirty think five hundred to a thousand colonies of bacteria in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of colonies that are found on your skin or the billion or hundred billion colonies found in a little gram of poop four men on average it takes longer to get a urine stream going if there’s someone closer to them this was checked by a study Ang’s in a study done in the UK only about 2% of women sit directly on the toilet when using a public restroom a story published in 2017 claiming there’s poop matter and men’s beards was totally unfounded it was based on flawed science and no men don’t have poop on their beards generally speaking your phone yes your phone has more poop bacteria on it than an average toilet seat toilet paper was invented in 6th century China the Chinese also invented paper kind of makes sense colored toilet paper was popular in the United States up until the 1940s bring back the well in most places it’s common courtesy to flush the toilet in Singapore if you don’t flush one you’re breaking the law money I totally lost my mind there for a little bit on this fact-finding mission of mine the takeaway from this video is if you have a choice in drying your hands with a paper towel or a jet air dryer always gold for the paper towel bear stop drinking the toilet silence and action quiet on set rolling action everybody poops and pees it sound like an earthquake for a second i legit thought it was an earthquake so stick around for the rapid fire around where I’m gonna shoot magical facts amazing facts phenomenal facts about toilets at you the other day.