Best Hair Vendors on Aliexpress

I wanted to help you all out because hair can be expensive and nobody has time to be paying three four hundred dollars for hair thinking is virgin and it’s not Oh or however much you pay for even if you know if you if you’re spending 130 if I’m paying $130 for something because it’s supposed to be this.

Best Hair Vendors on DHGATE

I needed to be this so what I did um one hair company that I will vouch for is indeed care and on nd they had six tips to tell how to tell if you are purchasing authentic virgin hair and I did I posted those tips on my blog my hair blog which is she loves hair dot blog the name of that website will be changing soon but you can you’ll still be routed if you go to she loves hair dot blog so in about two weeks that’s changing but anyway um I know everybody didn’t get a chance to go and some people just don’t like to read through blog so I’m just gonna do a quick video and rundown little sick tips they’re very simple very practical ways to tell if you purchase authentic version here if you have any questions or any rebuttals please direct those to Indy care that’s where the tips are coming from but anyway let’s just jump right into it here those six tips number one there must be split ends if the hair does not have split ends this means the hair has been acid-washed and the cuticles have been stripped number two you can feel the cuticles hold a strand of hair near the top between your thumb and index finger and slide your fingers down the entire length of the hair the hair should feel smooth if you reverse the motion and slide your fingers up the Strand the hair should have ridges these are cuticles if the hair is smooth both ways the cuticles were stripped by an acid wash and you’ve purchased fake virgin hair number three the ends of the hair will generally be lighter than the roots this is more prominent in indian remy virgin hair because many women work outside in India this won’t be as common in hair from Southeast Asia and China where the Sun is not as strong tip number four the mustache or the beard at the weft is short the mustache or beard is the hair that has been stitched to the track in Reverse so the hair does not ship in virgin hair the mustache or beard must be very short to avoid tangling if the mustache or a beard is long then the cuticles will catch on the long flowing hair the hair is not coated with silicone if the hair has a shiny residue on it then it is silicone coated non remy hair remy virgin hair does not have this coating and the final tip the hair does not smell like corn chips authentic virgin hair will not contain chemical residue and it hasn’t been overly processed okay lovely so hopefully those six tips helped you like I said those are very practical tips it’s not anything complicated or that you need to be a super stylist to figure out you know to follow through with and you know

I just don’t want it people getting scammed paying big bucks for something that’s not the real deal or you know even if something was a little bit of amount of money but she were purchasing it for that purpose you want it to be that right um so that’s why I did that again those are posted on my blog so you can go to she loves hair dot blog if you need to refer back to it and even if you have some hair lying around that you haven’t used yet you can use that to test it out at this supposed to be virgin hair and I know you know there are infamous websites that people like to order Malaysian hair and Brazilian hair from and a lot of people purchase that hair thinking they’re getting virgin hair some of it might be real some of it isn’t so that’s a good way for you to test it I’m but just a little something to you know help you watch what you’re doing with your quite honey alright so until next time you guys stay and don’t forget to comment like and subscribe peace