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So few weeks ago after seeing one of those stupid Joseph a bank commercials buy a pair of socks get six suits free we’ve all seen him well that commercial was the inspiration for this article.

I did where I told you in my opinion seven brands that I personally don’t feel is worth your hard-earned dinero if you missed that video it’s listed and linked down in the description so that video got me thinking if I’m gonna call out certain brands for being overpriced I better bring it super strong with some affordable options and so today I’m going to put my mouth where my money is literally because these brands I’m about to tell you are some of my affordable faves and brands that I think are absolutely worth the hard-earned an arrow.

Cheap Men’s Clothing Online¬†

At least they’re worth my kicking it off my absolute go-to place for affordable accessories number one is the tie bar the tie bar com is my go-to place when I’m looking for affordable ties pocket squares and bow ties we’re talking $10 pocket squares we’re talking $19 ties and bow ties now truth be told they’ve gone up in price it used to be $15 but I guess with inflation times are tough still and $19 the options are mind-blowing go on the website and check it out there are a zillion when I say a zillion I mean a super zillion combinations and options out there to choose from all the ties 19 bucks in terms of the quality

I never understood spending a lot of cash on ties because the only person who knows that it’s a whatever brand tie and that you spend a hundred dollars is you everybody else just sees your tie so for me I’m saving the cash the second brand on my list is going to be a surprise to no one and that is the gap if you’re in the market for some casual clothes the staples like your Henley’s your jeans your sweaters your t-shirts your chinos the gap is my personal pick and go to place all right it’s age-appropriate it works for guys that are young it works for guys that are old the way I look at the gap it’s kind of like a poor man’s j.crew j.crew is a more expensive but I personally love their clothes the gap same style same cut the quality it’s pretty much six and one half a dozen of the other but the price is definitely going to be less expensive all of my jeans are from the gap they are a slim fit this is a I forget the wash but I’m going to list them and link them down in the description if you want to check them out they’re a great option price points 59 bucks but the other day there was a sale and actually got like three pairs for 25 bucks so I got a bunch of them but I absolutely love them they’re great quality they last for a long time bringing us through a shopping pro tip guys go and sign up for mailing lists if you like a specific brand go and sign up give me your email address what they’re going to send you is coupons like every day they’re going to send you a coupon but if you’re in the market and you’re looking to save some cash on the clothing that you love it’s a great option

Number three on my list is actually a store brand the store’s Macy’s the brand is American Rag from denim the button ups the v-neck Stu shorts they make a good selection of affordable options now how’s the quality not as good as say the gap for some of the other options that may see sells but the deal is it’s good enough meaning it’s good not great but it will definitely last you longer than my store number four which is actually two brands and that is H&M and forever 21 now here’s the deal how’s the quality terrible and when I mean terrible I mean it’s really bad but the deal is it’s going it’s not gonna like disintegrate you’re not gonna be like hey running around on sets like wear my shorts go it’s not that bad you’re gonna buy it you’re gonna wear it for a few months maybe even a year and then you’re probably going to get rid of it next year because it’s gonna get rough real fast but if you’re somebody who likes having their clothes for awhile I would definitely steer away I’d save up and actually invest in some better quality clothing number five we’re talking about dress shoes all right so first we got to talk about dress shoe expectations okay so here’s the deal shoes under $100 are going to be shoes under $100 the quality is not that great there is a big jump in quality from 100 to 200 there’s another jump in quality from 200 to 400 all right but in that one 100 to $200 range my go-to option is always and definitely cole haan quality style comfort affordability all check.

Another great option is the brand Johnson Murphy now Johnson Murphy has a few different levels of shoes you’ve got some under $200 you’ve got some over $200 and with shoes you got a balanced quality and affordability man I love shoes and so I’m going to actually make number 6 another shoe resource and that is so I get a ton of emails right guys are like hey my feet are like super wide they’re kind of like flippers where can I find shoes that are x27 e alright my answer Zappos calm I’ve got other guys that are like hey I’ve got $50 to spend I need stylish shoes I want a monk strap where can I go Zappos calm go on you customize your search and you can find pretty much anything if they make it if it’s a shoe out there it’s going to be a lot of times on Zappos comm it’s a great resource all different price points all differently seriously it’s awesome the other good thing is that it ships to you and it only takes a few days if you try them on they don’t fit you ship them back no extra charge it’s all included and last but certainly not least is wait for it JCPenney yes JCPenney don’t look at me like that here’s the deal I was a little bit curious and skeptical about JC Penney’s ability to offer stylish options at a reasonable price but if you guys have seen.

We’re getting closer to iron out all the details and figuring out who’s actually going to pay for it because it’s expensive to potentially give you a makeover and apply you don’t do that whole thing whoo but until then if you’re looking to pick yourself up something at an affordable price hopefully these seven stores or brands give you some idea on how you can save some cash