How to FIX Forward Head Posture FAST

It would be wise to say that corporate professionals and those who’re employed in the industry are facing a problem with their head posture. Constant exposure to the computer screen in your office cubicle can result in neck sprain and weakening of muscles. Humans employed especially information technology domain spend a decent amount of hours every day working on a laptop or personal computer. They use a smartphone as well & that too extensively by tilting their head, this hampers the default posture of the human head. Forward head posture can cause deformity and long-term problems in the neck.

Issues of Forward Head Posture

Do you know when you lean forward, your cervical spine gets adapted to misalignment, this can cause severe neck as well as back pain. What comes as a sad fact is that, the forward head wrong posture can also cause an array of syndromes like Upper Crossed syndrome blended with lower back pain. Those who are subjected to a regular seated desk job, chances are high that you’d end up having texting neck posture deformity syndrome. Causes? Well, poorly designed work conditions, wrong posture, long man-hours and much more. If left ignored, the problem can be developed into a permanent problem of pain. In that case, it’s advised to seek the help of a professional.

In this article, we’ll talk about the ways to prevent as well as correct Forward Head Posture and enjoy a happy life. Let’s talk about few exercises that can be your best pick when it comes to ensuring a healthy working environment for your body as well as the mind. The below-mentioned exercises have proven their worth to millions.

Fixing Forward Head Posture in 4 siMPLE Ways

We got it covered in these steps

1. Upper Back Pull-ups:

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Project an L shape by keeping your hands on the wall and leaning forward on the wall while standing straight. Keep your face straight and place your palms at the height of your shoulder. Hence, now you’re required to bend your shoulder blades simultaneously as well as down the back. The next step is to pull the chin down for the purpose of aligning them with that of your shoulders in the correct way possible. Why is it necessary? Well, if you’re looking forward to repositioning your cervical spine back to its default position then manipulating the middle as well as lower trapezius muscles through this exercise is vital. You are advised to hold the contracted body for around 30 seconds and then repeat the same in a set of 3 for 5 minutes.

2. Seated Chest Straight:

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The exercise is beneficial for those who feel tired and in pain after long working hours. Don’t worry, we have got an effective & organic solution for you. Sit on the floor with your feet flat and knees bent. You’re then required to place your hand on a foot behind your back. The placement of hand accurately is vital as it forms a direct angle with your cervical spine’s bending. Now, take a soft backward bend by putting your weight on the elbows. Lift the upper chest after drawing back the shoulder blades. Don’t change the position of your hips.

Benefits? The exercise comes handy when it comes to stretching the brachialis muscles as well as pectoralis muscles. You can repeat this exercise in three repetitions after stretching for 30 seconds. What comes as a fascinating and more effective fact is that you can also stretch your body deeper while slowly lifting your hips straight that is, away from the floor. Maintain the alignment of the neck while balancing your weight on your heels. Thus, you will observe that your legs, as well as the torso, will come in alignment with the floor.

3. Manipulating Suboccipital & Trapezius Muscles:

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Looking forward to a sitting or standing exercise? Well, stretching your Suboccipital as well as Trapezius muscles is effective for forwarding neck related problems. Stand straight on the floor and tuck your chin into the chest & now, look down. Now you’re supposed to take your arms and place them behind your back and press the same in the downward direction. Maintain some pressure on the right side with the help of your arms and move your right year with the flow. Similarly, repeat it for the left side. Hold for 30 seconds for each side or till you’re comfortable. Now, for downward direction, do the exercise by putting pressure through your palms.

4. Retracting the Chin:

 fix forward head posture fast

This is one of the best Chin exercise available for our readers who are exposed to an extensive desk job. It is one of the best way to looking forward to a quick solution for their problems. You’re required to begin by placing your chin parallel to the floor in a sitting posture. Now gently press the back of your head with the help of middle as well as index finger while maintaining your chin’s level.

Relax your jaw completely, now relieve your head of your fingers and keep your head steady for around 20 good seconds. Repeat this exercise in a set of three. Benefits of doing Chin retraction exercise are numerous, the same can train your neck muscles to retain the much-needed ear over shoulder posture. Thus, if you’re working in an office, the exercise might prove itself worthy when it comes to relaxing the upper back as well as neck.

Looking forward to adjusting your workplace as per the needs of your body’s posture? Well, equipping your cubicle or office space with customized amenities can be a great option. For the purpose of attaining an optimized spinal alignment and to fix forward head posture, you can consider using an adjustable laptop cum notebook stand.

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